What’s it to you?

What’s it to you?

What’s it to you?

Degrees in Speech and Theater, Communication Sciences, and Adult Education have equipped me to do what I love:  Help people get where they want to go, using speech, personal presentation, and age appropriate learning strategies. 


The hats I mentioned earlier in the Who Am I have much to do with the various challenges my disabilities bring me. From organizing a life with limited productive hours in my day, to seeking answers to conundrums, to remaining healthy throughout my lifetime, to living a life filled with purpose.

I believe that one of  my purposes is to help people with disabilities around the world have a better quality of life.  Some will never be able to travel and run a business, but many more will be able to get out of the house (literally) and make an impact on the world through their very presence.  Exactly how I will do that, I do not know.  I’m just putting in my two bits worth.

My exposure to people with disabilities and those who are more fortunate (TABs – Temporarily Able-Bodies) has taught me that there is a great deal of support for those in wheelchairs and on crutches,  and those with unseen disabilities.  Often these supporters are misinformed  yet eager to help.  One of my goals here is to make their efforts more effective.  Communication is the key to this.

Do you need help with communication?  Do you need greater insight into managing your disability or that of someone you know or love?  Are you looking for a way to make your time more profitable?  Do you want to leave a legacy for those you leave behind?  Do you want to look to the future with hope and excitement? You can and you will, that is if you are open to new ways of approaching some of these issues.

To those of you who are more experienced and talented than I am, please feel free to share your ideas, your inspirations, even your criticisms. Just as water, sunshine, and food make for a stronger plant, so does pruning.  Have at it.

Peace be with you.