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Bladder: Key to a winning season

Posted by on Sep 29, 2015 in healthy living, Men's and Women's Health Support, Men's Health, Women's Health | 0 comments

™ Football season is upon us; many of us will be squeezed into bleachers to root for our favorite team, hoping for a flawless season. If the score is close enough, the stands will stay packed. No self-respecting fan would consider leaving a seat except to rise, wave team colors, and scream until it hurts. Until… Oh Oh! The ball is passed to the very poorest player on the team, Weak Bladder. His name isn’t a household word, but you know it’s Bladder because he’s wearing #1 on his jersey. Weak Bladder now becomes the key player in the stadium, causing a mad dash to the restroom. If you haven’t been tackled by fellow teammates (85% of the over 40 crowd are in this league) and fans, you find a serpentine line of those who are stomping their feet and  crossing their legs, all in hopes of making it to the most coveted seat in the stadium…the toilet…and all in hopes to scoring a winning “touchdown.” All the rush and excitement you’re experiencing is much like what’s happening near the goal post outside.  But sometimes it doesn’t end well. Bladder has the ball, is dashing to the end zone, straight for the goal posts for the winning play, with no one near him. With just seconds to go, there’s a lot of hoopla in the stands when the disappointment takes over.  Bladder fumbles and drops the ball! Oh, so close! How many times have you been on your way home with the slight urge to “go”? With confidence, you pass up rest stops and public facilities along the way, certain you can make it to the comfort and privacy of your own personal “locker room”? You enter your home to discover that the distance to your bathroom has seemingly expanded to be the length of a football field. You drop your keys, packages, and maybe even the toddler you’ve been toting, so that you can drop your drawers, or your fly,  in time. The excitement is overwhelming! You’ve made it to the end zone!  Will there be a touchdown? It’s a … Aw…a fumble! What could have been a perfectly executed drop kick to the goal post becomes an uncomfortable, inconvenient drip. Or several. Often more than several. What was to be a victory dance has become a time to sing “Locker Room Blues” while taking an extra shower and changing into fresh clothes. Maybe having #1 on Bladder’s jersey is a bad idea. No matter what your favorite sport or pastime, having these “special events” is just no fun at all. Yet there are a few strategies to strengthen your weak bladder and enjoy your time away from home.  Some are easy and well-known, yet at least one player has been recruited recently to keep you in your game. I am an Independent TriVita Business Owner with TriVita, and I am proud to announce a new strong leader on the wellness playing field:  TriVita’s  Bladder Shield™. Note that it’s jersey number is 24/7. Shield yourself with confidence. Healthy bladder function is important for health and vitality; unfortunately, as many as 25 million adults may experience some form of bladder weakness, including the frequent urge to “go”.  This can negatively affect emotional health—and reduce quality of life.1-3 Designed to give you back your confidence, Bladder Shield is backed by modern science to support a strong bladder, comfort and function. Available in easy-to-swallow capsules, Bladder Shield™ offers a proprietary blend of traditional herbs from India, China and Europe, including: Lindera extract—this root has a long history of use in traditional Chinese...

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