Beyond Planning For “Later”

Beyond Planning For “Later”

. . . an eagle flying in mid-heaven saying…Woe, woe, woe

to those who dwell upon the earth. ~~~Rev. 8:13

As an optimist, a “glass is half-full” kind of person, am I confusing you with such a quote? This painting by Barry Nehr captured my attention for two reasons: Its beauty and these words subtly painted in the edge of a series of clouds (visible only up close). And the words themselves are a reminder that everything has been mapped out long ago, before the beginning of time. With the signs of the time seemingly pointing to doom and gloom, I am encouraged to know that what follows these words is a powerful, positive grand finale that I will witness.




Analysis Paralysis

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So, now that I’ve gone beyond the talk stage and actually pressed the publish button for the first time yesterday, there’s no turning back. I’m committed. I’ve finally gotten past planning and am moving forward. Waiting for take-off has been draining. Plagued by procrastination, which is only the desire to have everything done perfectly, I excused my inertia by smugly sitting in Quadrant Two, thinking that was the better part. I do thank Stephen Covey, author of “Seven Habits of Highly Successful People” and “First Things First”, for clearly and rightly justifying the need to spend time planning and doing other reflective activities. And of all of them, there is none more essential than taking time to pray and seek direction from the One who knows and loves me and knows all the circumstances concerning me. Since He had me in mind before the beginning of time, there isn’t anything about me that will shock Him. He knows my dilemmas that keep my wheels spinning. He’s been there many times to push me out of the ruts I create for myself. Is He frustrated with me? Maybe, but not any more than I am. Well, I’m on the launch pad now and I’ve started the engines. It’s an exhilarating feeling…scary too. I’ve heard it and so have you: Do what you fear and it will lose its power over you.
The perfection plague…how it paralyzes! Webmaster Webster tells me that a blog space is the place to be imperfect. Why is that? Doing the fearful? Exposing ourselves to hostility perhaps, or at the least, criticism. What a great exercise!
Yes, for whatever reason, “sometimes I sits and thinks and sometimes I just sits” for more time than I want to admit. I’m finally going beyond planning. Look out Universe!

Breaking the silence

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So, after a long absence, I’m here once again. I do have a compelling reason to break my silence. I’m part of an accountability group and I stated I would post today. There’s something about saving face by keeping my word. I know it’s just a matter of getting in the groove, so I don’t begrudge this at all. As you will find out soon enough that I live with the perpetual struggle to focus and get things finished. That’s my plight and it may be yours. Maybe you have some tips??

The title of this site is such because there’s only so much planning you can do, then it’s time to get beyond that. It’s said by many coaches and inspirational gurus that action actually must follow the plan.

It’s good that all these posts have dates. That alone can be motivation to be consistent. So…enough said. Mission accomplished.
I also said I’d email a few folks that may be waiting on me. Sent some already, but maybe one or two before I close up shop…

Getting past the hard part: Beginning

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What’s in a name? Self prophecy? Beyond Planning…I’ve been impressed, inspired, hooked on and even stuck on the process of planning. I’ve kept the usual daily planners, the goal setting sheets, the envelopes with the daily to do challenges. I’ve pondered the second quadrant of Stephen Covey fame, lazing satisfied in the thought that I’d found the golden key to my success. So I critically weeded out many unimportant activities, both urgent and not so urgent, allowing me to be quite the ponderer. I once had a poster that summed it up: “Some times I sits and think, and sometimes I just sits.” Philosophy has always been my hidden passion.