It’s academic, my dear.

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It’s academic, my dear.


Success in a home-based business, and in particular,  a network marketing business, depends on the willingness to learn, and takes the same disciplines that are needed to earn a degree.

For some, learning is a challenge due to academic difficulties during elementary school and high school. Dropout rates have always been disappointing, and the disappointment that dropouts experience after a short-lived exhilaration of freedom becomes a prison.  Sadly, most dropouts are uncomfortable in any learning environment whether it be a Library or a Museum or a craft class or PTO meetings.  It’s no wonder that it appears dropouts beget dropouts.
If you are a drop out and do not fit that description, congratulations. You’ve dealt with a self-esteem issue and realized you can succeed in academics and learning in general.
For those who earned degrees and are satisfied with that education, you may discover there is a lot more to learn. It is said that life-long learners remain more cognitively intact in their later years than do others.
Having been in network marketing for a number of years and having earned several advanced degrees, It became apparent to me that the steps and strategies I used in graduate school can be applied to the learning process that leads to success in a home-based business,  particularly network marketing.
Those with degrees will recognize the similarities. Those drop-outs who are pushing forward past their insecurities can be assured that the strategies you’ll use as an adult learner are considerably different from what you experienced in elementary or high school.
I’ll be sharing some of those similarities in future posts.


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