Breaking the silence

Posted by on Jun 17, 2012 in goals | 0 comments

So, after a long absence, I’m here once again. I do have a compelling reason to break my silence. I’m part of an accountability group and I stated I would post today. There’s something about saving face by keeping my word. I know it’s just a matter of getting in the groove, so I don’t begrudge this at all. As you will find out soon enough that I live with the perpetual struggle to focus and get things finished. That’s my plight and it may be yours. Maybe you have some tips??

The title of this site is such because there’s only so much planning you can do, then it’s time to get beyond that. It’s said by many coaches and inspirational gurus that action actually must follow the plan.

It’s good that all these posts have dates. That alone can be motivation to be consistent. So…enough said. Mission accomplished.
I also said I’d email a few folks that may be waiting on me. Sent some already, but maybe one or two before I close up shop…

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